Above the base rate of your rental, any extras you may decide to go with, such as hospitality kits, kitchen kits, emergency road kits, or extra insurance. If your RV is equipped with a generator there is usually a per hour fee on its use, after 5 free hours per day, which is calculated after your rental. The average rate for this is $3.00. Also, before returning your RV it is usually required that you clean the RV so that it is ready for use for the next renter. If you return the RV in a condition that is not clean and ready for use, you could be charged with a cleaning fee.

Don’t forget the cost of gas! Of course, we don’t charge you for gas and your vehicle will come pre-filled when you pick it up. Upon returning the vehicle, as in any car rental, you will need to fill the gas tank as it was when you picked it up. Don’t forget to calculate your total gas expenditures into your budget for the trip if you’re traveling long distance. We advise our customers, if they haven’t already, to sign up to any of the major gas station gas credit cards to take advantage of member discounts and other benefits to save on gas expenses.

Once your RV is returned there is also extra per mile costs for any mileage over the free or pre-purchased amounts. 

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