The RV that you are looking at is very well serviced. However in the case of a breakdown we preauthorize up to $100 for service and can offer authorization of a larger repair by calling us. (keep all receipts).

We encourage our customers to call us if they have a problem, at 630-854-8949. Whether it’s a simple question you have, or a real concern about the operation of the unit. If a mechanical breakdown should occur, the renter is responsible to repair the rental vehicle immediately.  The renter should make every effort to get the disabled vehicle to a reliable RV or automotive dealership. Renter must retain the parts or tires replaced by repair shop. Renter is responsible for blow-outs or flat tires. Renter will be held responsible for expenses resulting from his negligence. If repair amount is in excess of $100.00.  R&R RV rentals Inc. is not responsible for lost vacation time, hotel charges, car rental, or other cost due to breakdowns.

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