You must be 25 years of age with a valid driver’s license and A major credit card in the same name as the Renter.

The number of people that can travel safely in a motor home will depend on the seatbelts installed. Passengers should be seatbelted at all times while the RV is in motion.

​​We permit RV rental guests to travel into Canada; however, we do not allow travel into Mexico.

​The nightly rate will depend upon the time of year you are traveling and the number of nights you wish to rent. Other factors such as mileage, optional rental equipment such as kitchen kits, personal kits barbeques, bike racks,camping chairs etc. will affect the overall price. Please visit our reservation page for information and answers to any questions you may have or our Accessories page to vie pricing.

​​RV rentals that are late up to 2 hours are charged 1/2 day rental charge more than 1 hour late will be charged one full day at the daily rental rate for the unit. More importantly, another family has scheduled their vacation with the RV in your possession and may not be able to begin their trip as planned. We strive to treat each renter with respect by having their RV rental ready for their reservation time.


Towing of certain items is allowed on certain vehicles in our fleet and is subject to pre-approval with unlocking fee of $150. The weight capacity for towing on the motorhomes is 3,500 lbs. The motorhomes are not wired for brakes (surge or electric) so you cannot pull anything that requires a brake set up. We can add a bike rack for $10/ night. No personal bike racks could be attached to the RV since all hitches are locked.

All of our motorhome, camper, RV rentals can be driven with a standard driver’s license. If you are allowed to drive a car, you are allowed to drive a motorhome, regardless of its size!

Pick up (2-4 pm), Drop off ( 9-10 am).

You can bring RV early but you will be still responsible for terms of contract. No refund for early drop-off.

The RV that you are looking at is very well serviced. However, in the case of a breakdown, we preauthorize up to $100 for service and can offer authorization of a larger repair by calling us. (keep all receipts).

We encourage our customers to call us if they have a problem, at phone number given at time of pick up.. Whether it’s a simple question you have, or a real concern about the operation of the unit. If a mechanical breakdown should occur, the renter is responsible to repair the rental vehicle immediately. The renter should make every effort to get the disabled vehicle to a reliable RV or automotive dealership. Renter must retain the parts or tires replaced by the repair shop. Renter is responsible for blow-outs or flat tires. Renter will be held responsible for expenses resulting from his negligence. If the repair amount is in excess of $100.00. R&R RV rentals Inc. is not responsible for lost vacation time, hotel charges, car rental, or other costs due to breakdowns.

Vehicles usually get between 8 to 13 miles per gallon. This depends of course on gross weight, the vehicle size, the speed that you travel, and whether you are towing anything.

A motorhome is not difficult to drive, and no special license is required.

Many of the better insurance companies will allow you to add the RV to your existing policy either for a very low fee or for free. Example: AAA has this option available for their customers. If your insurance company does not provide a binder. You could simply insure one of your vehicles with a company that does provide a higher level of coverage. Be sure to contact your existing company and remove that vehicle. Don’t double insure, that could get you into trouble. Then request a binder from the new company. Most of the companies don’t charge for the binder. You can also purchase third party Rv commercial insurance. Just let us know we will help with it.

Above the base rate of your rental, any extras you may decide to go with, such as hospitality kits, kitchen kits, emergency road kits, or extra insurance. If your RV is equipped with a generator there is usually a per hour fee on its use, after 5 free hours per day, which is calculated after your rental. The average rate for this is $5.00. Also, before returning your RV it is usually required that you clean the RV so that it is ready for use for the next renter. If you return the RV in a condition that is not clean and ready for use, you could be charged with a cleaning fee.

Don’t forget the cost of gas! Of course, we don’t charge you for gas and your vehicle will come pre-filled when you pick it up. Upon returning the vehicle, as in any car rental, you will need to fill the gas tank as it was when you picked it up. Don’t forget to calculate your total gas expenditures into your budget for the trip if you’re traveling long distances. We advise our customers, if they haven’t already, to sign up to any of the major gas station gas credit cards to take advantage of member discounts and other benefits to save on gas expenses.

Once your RV is returned there is also extra per-mile costs for any mileage over the free or pre-purchased amounts.

For most of our rentals a $600 reservation deposit or half the rental at the time of confirmation. This is later applied toward your rental charges. When you pick up your RV there is a security deposit charged and held during the time of your rental. Terms, rates, and conditions of deposits vary depending on the type of RV renting.

We offer a free 100 miles per night.

Type A’s, Type C’s, and towables. Our website lists most of the types and sizes of vehicles we rent.

R&R RV Rentals has a three nights minimum rental period. 4 nights on major holidays.